Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what a day

I'm really starting to wonder what else can go wrong today (as the entire family is trying to wrap up a day run on 4 hours of sleep). Took my freshly pink-eye free child to the pediatrician because he was complaining of a soar throat/ears. On the way there I ran over a metal pipe and blew out a tire. Enter AAA. An hour later we made it to the doctors office so that Jax (on his first day antibiotic free) can be diagnosed with tonsillitis and prescribed more antibiotics, and Maddox can be diagnosed with a respiratory infection. Fast-forward a few hours to dinner time...We give Jax his Amoxicillin only to have him break out in hives 20 minutes later. Back to the pediatrician we go! I guess we have discovered his first allergy. I would really appreciate some prayers for SLEEP for our whole family tonight, as we could all certainly use it!

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