Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brotherly Love

Mornings like this are the best. Mornings when Jax wakes up an hour before Maddox, and no doubt spends that hour dreaming of ways to "play" with brother. At 8:30 we hear Maddox awake in his crib and Jax just about yanks me to my feet (I desperately try to keep my coffee in its cup where it belongs).
"Come get bro-yer Mommy, he's awake!"
I walk into the boys room, kiss my innocent little Maddox in the head, and set him on his feet. Immediately Jax wraps his arms around him in a rare display of brotherly affection. They run down the hall together and I think to myself "This is why we had another baby, they really are friends, they really do love each other!"
No sooner than I sit down and take my next drink of coffee I hear Maddox crying.
"What's going on in there?!" I yell down the hall. Quickly (a little too quickly) followed by "Na-ting!" from Jax.
A few seconds later a door shuts and I hear more crying.
"No. I locking you in da cage!" Jax states in his most authoritative tone.
I have to laugh as I go free my youngest child from the "cage" his brother has created for him (really just their bedroom with the door closed).
Yes, this is brotherly love.

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