Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kids. They really do say the darndest things...

I feel as though we have rounded a corner (fingers crossed). For so many years Nolan and I have endured dinner after dinner, together, as a family, at the same table. "Endured" may sound a little harsh, unless you also happen to be a parent of three kids under six, the oldest of the two being boys. Eating dinner tends to be, well, less than pleasant in our house. There is constant yelling (followed by "please don't yell at the table, we're right here, we can hear you just fine"), constant fart and poop jokes (followed by "please don't talk like that at the table") constant getting up and down running across the house to fetch a toy (followed by "please don't get down without being excused. Please sit in your chair don't stand. No toys at the table during dinner.") and so on and so on. Never mind the fact that kids are impossibly picky and hard to please. Unless it's bacon or bread, they don't like it and will certainly describe every aspect of what they don't like and why. A conversation with your spouse? Forget it. A conversation with your kids that doesn't involve nagging or reprimanding? Not happening.

That is until this week. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but so far every day this week (granted, it's only Tuesday) the boys have come to the table, sat down, pleasantly cleaned their plates, and had actual conversations with us. Nolan and I were even able to talk- with EACH OTHER! Has all of our hard work and determination paid off?

Last night during dinner, Jax began talking about his future wife (he's been fixated on this lately), and how one day when he's big he wants to get married. Then he matter of factly stated "and I'm going to tell my wife- 'I want you to grow 1000 babies!'" followed by a maniacal cackle.
How can you not laugh when your child says something like that?!

Lord help his future wife...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shoe Prints

Today was Jax's 6th birthday and it was a normal morning getting ready for school, eat breakfast and open presents :)
We got in the car and drove to school. It was not raining, but it had rained the night before so the ground was still wet. When we got to school I helped him put his jacket on then his angry bird back pack on, then off we went to his class. As we were walking I saw a blue piece of paper on the ground and I told Jax, "look someone loss a piece of paper."
He said "yeah," then he stepped on it and we kept going. We talked about what he dreamed about and if he was excited to have a party at school today for his birthday? I opened the door to his class and gave him a hug and kiss, then off I went back to the car.
As I was walking back I came across the the blue paper on the ground with his little wet shoe print on it. Then I saw both mine and his as they were leading to the blue paper.
I started thinking about how much I love him and how big he's getting and I don't know where I would be without him or Maddox or Lola.
Tracy and I are truly blessed and love them all very much.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lola Turns... ONE!

Okay, I've been getting some flack for not blogging since... well, September.
My bad.
I'll get to it, I promise. I know there were some important moments in there... you know, Christmas, Halloween, etc. What I will probably have to do is back date a few entries and just pretend like I never missed them at all. That would be okay, right? ;)
I thought I had better at least post the pictures of Lola's first birthday before Jax turns six on Thursday. That's right, I'm that lucky mom that has kids who's birthdays are a week apart. I'm still recovering from the last birthday party and I'm already behind on planning the next one!

I have given up on trying to accurately articulate the way I feel about Lola turning one. She's ONE. Aside from the usual "how did this happen so fast?!" feelings, I find myself experiencing something new- my last first. She's my last baby, my last first birthday. And as that first birthday comes and goes, so too do the baby years. Honestly I don't know how I feel about that. A little sad... a little proud. Somehow despite all of the odds, we have this gorgeous amazing little girl, that has made us fall more in love with her every single day since she arrived. The day Lola was born was both miraculous and terrifying. I don't know if I will ever be able to get through one of my kids birthdays without being flooded by the memories of NAIT. Jax will be six on Thursday, and I still cannot think about the details of his birth without crying. I'm not sure if any of those emotions will ever just fade away, and in a way I don't want them to. Those memories give me perspective, and they remind me of how insanely blessed we are.

Anyway, on to the details of Lola's party :)
I didn't exactly intend on having a theme, but somehow along the way it morphed into a "Whatever Lola Wants" party. For the five of you that have never heard the famous song from "Damn Yankees" (a famous Broadway musical), let me introduce it to you :)

Let me make something perfectly clear. We did not name Lola after the girl in this song. We didn't name her after anyone. We just like the name. So for anyone who might somehow take offense to this.... it's just a song.

I may have gone a smidge overboard. I had napkins monogrammed and printed with "whatever Lola wants." My amazing sister made some fantastic banners with her fancy cutting machine. A made a torn fabric backdrop and sewed my own striped table cloth. For weeks I scoured Goodwill for beautiful retro glass serving dishes that complimented each other. We had fruit salsa and cinnamon and sugar pita chips. Bagel sandwiches, tortellini and asparagus salad, chips and dip, Izzy's Sodas, and of course cake :) For the kiddos we had PB&J's, cheese sticks, juice boxes, and fruit snacks. Favors were red velvet sugar cookies and candy. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out, and am so blessed to have so many good friends and family who can come out and celebrate with us!

Lola getting IVIG in the NICU on her first day of life.

Lola at one year old!


"MORE dollies!!"