Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

We have been back in town since Thursday and it is nice to be back in our own home with our own stuff again. Jax seems to have pink eye, his eyes are all crusty and mucasy, and yes, pink. We took him to the after hours pediatrician (because these things only ever happen on weekends in our family) at Lucile Packard yesterday and he did very well. He told the doctor that he brought his "snuggly," and she said "ugh" (she did not care at all). As we were leaving the hospital we stopped to play with the huge model train setup the hospital has on display. It's hugely detailed with little people and lights that the kids can turn on- really cool. The entire setup was huge and looked like a replica of an old Canery Row in Monterey.
Jax did not want to leave the hospital.

As for today, Tracy went to the store to get food by herself and I took the boys to park down the street from our house. Getting them ready was like herding cats, nobody would help me at all. Maddox was running around saying "mommy, mommy" and Jax was running around in his underwear not getting dressed. I finally got everyone together, food in the back pack and we were out the door. Here are some pictures of the boys playing basketball. Jax laid on the court like he was sleeping and Maddox started to do the same thing (because he instantly mimics anything "brother" does). They are so funny.

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