Saturday, January 21, 2012

Earliy Potty Training

Today when we returned home from shopping Jax runs into the bathroom to go potty. When he's done he comes out with just his shirt and socks on (which is normal). We told Jax to go get his "boy pants" on, and both boys ran down the hallway to their room. Minutes later Jax returns with his "boy pants" and sweat pants on. We tell him "good job" and he runs into the living room.
Seconds later Maddox comes running into the room with another pair of Jax's underwear yelling "Oy-pant! Oy-pant!" He wanted to be just like his big brother, so we put the boy pants on over his diaper which made him very proud. We love our boys...


  1. Hey Kids this is cool even if I do not understand all this tech stuff. Nolan you made to easy for me. Love you all Thanks!!! Papa Thomas