Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids. Can't Live With 'em, Can't Imagine Life Without 'em!

Sometimes my kids make me crazy. I'm not ashamed to admit it. The funny thing about children though, is that as soon as you feel like you want to post them in the "free" section on craigslist, they turn around and do or say something amazing.

Yesterday was one of those days. By the time Nolan got home I was desperately needing a break. Just as I was recounting the day to my adoring husband (who at this point was looking at me with pitty) Jax emerges from our bedroom (a room that they are not supposed to play in without supervision), with black marker all over his face. Nolan and I exchange a terrified look- if his face looked like that, what did our bedroom walls/bedding look like? Oh the horror...
Thankfully the disaster was contained to Jax's face. However, when asked where the pen that he used was, he pulled out one of my black Prisma markers. This is a huge no-no in our house. My Prisma's are my work pens, for sketching spaces and creating floor plans for clients. Not only are they my work pens, but they cost about $3 each. They are strictly off limits to everyone but me. Just as I am scolding Jax and reminding him of this he says
"But Mommy, I just wanted makeup so I can be bootiful like you!"
Yup, I melted.

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  1. These kids. :) I love that you blogged this. You'll be thankful you did. :)