Sunday, June 30, 2013

Projects & Weekend Fun

It's officially summer, which in Redding lingo means it's HOT! Today was 110 degrees, and I know this is only the beginning. But this also means plenty of opportunities for fun family activities :-)
In honor of summer beginning, I stole an idea from my good friend (and fellow mommy) Tegan Knifton and created this list with my boys.

We sat down and I asked them to think of all the things they wanted to do (big or small) before summer ended. I have to admit, they came up with 30 pretty amazing ideas! From summer camping, to going on a family walk, to baking cookies for the neighbors, I was pretty impressed, and the boys were super excited. We have already been able to check a few things off the list (mini golfing, and eating watermelon by the pool with Nana and Papa)!

In keeping with the list theme, we decided to test out a new method of discipline in our home to help get some of the brother rivalry under control. We asked the boys to brainstorm as many positive and negative behaviors as we could and made a giant poster listing them all.

Each child has their own mason jar. When we notice positive behaviors we will ad "crystals" to their jars, and likewise when we notice negative behaviors we remove "crystals" from their jars. We went to the doller store and bought about $30 worth of toys (large and small). When their jars reach the halfway mark they can either pick a small toy out of the basket and empty their jars, or choose to save their "crystals" until their jars are full. At that point they can cash their whole jar in for one of the bigger toys. 

The "emeralds" are for every day good behaviors. The blue "crystals" are for when we notice them being especially loving and kind to one another. 

So far they seem pretty excited about it! I'll keep you all updated on how effective it is...

Overall we've had an amazing couple of weekends. Nolan's mom came for a visit, which the boys loved. Some friends from the bay area stayed with us for a few days. We spent some time by the pool, and we welcomed a new member to our family, Ridley Paul (my nephew). Couldn't ask for anything better!

Did I mention we bought a puppy? No? Meet McMissile. As in Finn McMissile, British intelligence (fellow moms and dads should know what I'm refrencing... lol). What can I say? The boys named him.

Pool time at Papa Thomas' house for fathers day.

Can she get any cuter? Seriously, we're in trouble...

We have a roller!

Lola and Grandmother (aren't lazy Saturdays in our PJs the best?!)

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  1. I have had this post marked for months now (obviously) and am finally catching up enough to comment.

    1. I LOOOVE the new header pic!
    2. How is that blue marble/green marble system working out?
    3. Love Lola's swim suit in this post. ;)