Sunday, July 21, 2013


This morning I sat down to breakfast coffee with my beautiful family, and opened up Facebook. After sifting through a few of my friends posts I landed on the private support page for families affected by NAIT. There at the top of the page was devestating news from one of our members, who at 35 weeks pregnant had lost her baby. Just like me (and so many others) she was receiving weekly IVIG infusions and being monitored closely, but unlike me her treatments failed. She was days away from her delivery date, and her baby just stopped moving. Reading further down the thread I came across another NAIT momma who is having to consider terminating her pregnancy because her unborn child has hemmorhaged so badly in the brain that he will have almost no quality of life.

My heart is so broken for these mommas. The more I think about them, the more my heart aches, and frankly as the day has turned to night I have become, well... pissed. I am raging mad. While my three precious amazing miracles are sleeping peacefully in their beds mommas across the world are mourning their unborn babies, all because of one ruthless horrible disorder that remains under-researched, and un-screened for. This should not be happening. There has to be a better way. No parent should suffer through this, especially when prevention is as simple as a blood test.

Without the courage and support of my NAIT sisters, I never would have found the strength to brave one treated pregnancy after Jax was born, let alone two. Words cannot describe how amazing these women are. When one of us falls, we all feel it. We all cry. We all get mad. And we all help to bring that momma back to her feet. As we say every time a new member finds the group "we're so happy you have found us, but so sad that you had to find us."

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  1. Praying for those families right this moment. And yours too, sister.