Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby Baby

Just a quick update-
Baby he/she is doing great! We had our fourth (or fifth? I'm losing count) ultrasound today to check the baby's brain for hemorrhages, and thankfully the scan was perfect :-)  I hold my breath at every ultrasound until they show me that the brain is clear of bleeds, and then I can enjoy looking at his or her cute little face :-) Actually, that's a lie. Really we just look at his/her elbows and hollow little eyes glaring at us.
Every ultrasound up until this point has gone like this: as soon as the wand touches my stomach baby turns, looks right at the camera, punches the wand, throws an arm over it's face, tucks it's chin to it's chest, and sinks back toward my spine. Literally we had NO profile pictures, no face pictures, nothing! At one scan it actually took them 20 minutes to confirm that our child had lips. No joke! Today however, we were able to catch the not so little bean off guard and snag a few cute pics before he/she started trying to hide. Let's face it, there's not much room left to disappear in!
Let me introduce baby #3, weighing in at about 3.5lbs, 29 weeks but measuring almost 31 weeks (surprise surprise):
That is Maddox's nose for sure!

What's your guess, boy or girl?

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