Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Just another manic..." Wednesday?

Life with two kiddos is crazy, and I'm beginning to have minor anxiety attacks thinking about what a third will do to our delicate balance. Turns out in six weeks I will find out! We finally have a delivery date for baby #3- he or she will join us on February 28th, just six days before Jax's fifth birthday.
Yup, fifth. As in five years old. As in I just filled out his kindergarten registration forms. I'm sorry, what the what?! When did this happen??? I'm just not sure I'm alright with this.
On the other hand this means that he'll be at school all day, Maddox will start preschool as soon as he gets off of his lazy butt and potty trains, and then it will be just me and baby #3 for most of the day. Hmmm...
I digress. For now we're playing the waiting game. Well, Nolan is waiting, I'm running around like a crazy pregnant chicken with it's head cut off. Nesting? Not exactly. More like reupholstering and arm chair, painting rooms, building furniture and cornices. This is how an interior designer nests. Have I washed any clothes? Nope. Built the crib? No way. Bought a car seat? Negative. But don't worry, the important things will be done, I will have a freshly recovered armchair.
In the meantime, I have twelve infusions left (yay!), six non-stress tests, one ultrasound, two glucose tests, and four weeks of Prednison to consume. One meeting with neonatology and the bigwigs, a hospital tour, and a hospital bag to stock. Oh, and somewhere in there I'll need to donate my own platelets for the baby, in case he/she needs a transfusion (which is a good possibity) after birth. This is the most risky part of the pregnancy because there is less room for the baby (and more opportunity for "trauma") my body is amping up it's attack on the little one (diminishing it's platelets at a faster rate). So, bottom line, we hold our breath, hope my infusions are doing their job, and wait. Baby will be 36 weeks and four days old when it's born.

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  1. Woo hoo!!! February 28th!!! You will be just fine. One is hard. Two is hard. Three will be fine!

    P.S. You look ADORABLE. :)