Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jax is SIX!

It may seem like we just celebrated Lola's birthday a few weeks ago... and that is because we did. Jax and Lola's birthdays are six days apart. Six DAYS people. That means unless this momma strategically plans birthday parties, I don't even get a solid weeks rest between events.

Last year we celebrated Jax's birthday two days after I came home from the hospital with Lola. I waddled my freshly hacked up post c-section self into the kitchen and made a pretty fantastic five layer rainbow cake COVERED in sprinkles (thank you post c-section pain meds!). I forced Nolan to blow up 50 balloons to cover the floor in Jax's room so that when he woke up he knew it was a special day. I don't know what I was thinking. Except maybe that I didn't want to him to think for one second that his sister coming home from the hospital outweighed the importance of his 5th birthday. 

This year I lucked out. My brother and sister in law were coming for a visit at the end of March, so I managed to convince Jax that if we waited to have his party until the end of the month he could invite his cousins. Thankfully he was on board for that. That gave me three weeks to switch from pretty pink chic little girl party mode to loud crazy Star Wars party mode. I admit, I could have done better. I cut a lot of corner were I could have pulled off some really cute ideas. The cake was... not my best work. Frankly, I was too exhausted to care by the end of it. The important part is Jax and all of his buddies had a blast!

Here is what I came up with-

Sorry for the blurry shot!

We went easy with the food this year in anticipation for 20 six year olds! This momma just wasn't up for cooking THAT much food. Instead we went with pizza, a veggie platter, chips and dip, juice boxes, water bottles, cheese sticks, and fruit snacks. 

My cake was... um... 

Well let's just say that thanks to a rush trip to Walmart for some Star Wars toys it ended up looking remotely cute. Definitely NOT my best work though. Thankfully Jax didn't seem to mind!

Adorable goody box printables thanks to BaBaBuffBaby 

Light Saber popsicle cozies 
I also included glow in the dark stars, suckers, Star Wars stickers, and bouncy balls.

Upon arrival all of the kids got to put on a Jedi tunic and grab a light saber. 

The girls even got amazing Pricess Leia headbands thanks to my sister.

You all have to understand one thing- when I planned this party the weather was (and had been for quite some time) sunny and warm. Naturally the weekend of the party it poured rain, which left me with lot of little boys, armed with light sabers, cooped up in my house.

We opted to push all of the furniture to the side and let the boys run wild. What are birthday parties for, right?

Every little boy needs a Millennium Falcon pinata right?

Happy Birthday little dude!!!

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  1. The light sabers! Popsicle cozies! The cake! Sooo cute!!! I wish we could have been there, everything looks AMAZING!