Monday, April 7, 2014

It pays to be thrifty... and determined!

For years I have dreamt of wandering into a local thrift shop and stumbling onto the holy grail of mid century furniture- Broyhill Brasilia. Time after time I head straight for the furniture zones of thrift shops holding my breath, only to be let down. This Friday my persistence finally paid off!

On Friday I found this baby for $9. Yes, $9! I almost passed it by, but as I was leaving the room I saw that iconic wave design peaking out from the pile of headboards in the corner. Thank you Salvation Army!

It's a queen size headboard, which I have absolutely no use for. But for $9 I couldn't risk it falling into the hands of furniture painters!

On my way home I stopped by the Goodwill and picked up a couple of fabulous pieces of vintage Pyrex, because let's face it, I'm a Pyrex addict.

On Saturday my mom and went thrifting at some of our favorite ghetto hole in the wall shops. My Brasilia luck continued at one of our first stops, when I found this baby for $10!

I cannot believe that after years of hunting I came across TWO Brasilia pieces in two days. This makes me think that someone's estate got broken up and donated, which means there must be more out there, no?!

1 comment:

  1. NINE dollars.

    I can't even handle it.

    And that TABLE!!! I'm dying!