Monday, October 21, 2013


Today Tracy had to pick me up from work because I had a flat tire on the bike. We are all in the car and we have to go to Safeway to get something for dinner. Jax is sick so I drop Tracy off at the front door and I drive around the parking lot keeping the kids quiet. I find a spot to park that allows me to see the main entrance of Safeway, and I notice a sign next to me. Jax starts spelling the letters for the sign that says "flu shots here". "F....L....U....S....H....O....T"
Then Maddox goes "F U daddy"
I look back at him and say, "what?"
"F U daddy" as he says it and starts laughing.
I tell him it's "F...L...U, flu like you are sick."
He says, "no that's disgusting"
Now I'm really hoping Tracy gets out here soon.
I back it up and start driving around again.

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