Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

The last month has been hectic (more on that later). This weekend was the first chance we had to sit and relax, and enjoy just being at home.

Saturday there was a neighborhood wide yard sale going on in our subdivision. Apparently we are not included in the neighborhood, as no one bothered to mention it to us (what are we, chopped liver?!). So after walking around and picking up a few small treasures, we threw our own impromptu yardsale.

We (Nolan) started building a new wood fence to replace the ghetto wire one. There will also be an enclosed area for the dog to run, where he won't be able to demolish my patio furniture, the siding, the drip system, the plants, the dryer vent, and and and and....

Nolan has always wanted a backyard that looks like a campsite. Step one in the process- make cool wooden signs with the kids names.

Pay no attention to my half naked little boys watching TV. That's what they do best. Instead check out that hidious barely funcitonal fireplace insirt. Which one of these things does not belong folks?

Bam baby! Despite the horrible picture, doesn't that look SO much better? Have I mentioned how cool our landlord is? 

We ended the weekend by putting up some Halloween decorations (I'll post pics of those when they're done), and starting Fall out the only way our family knows how- with the flu. This is how you know when Jax is truly sick. He turns bright red, and lays on the couch all day looking as pathetic as can be. One diagnosis of strep throat, some antibiotics and we're on our way. Happy October everyone!

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  1. What? So lame about the neighborhood yard sale! NICE job with the fireplace! Booooo to the flu. At least it's out of the way now, right???