Thursday, March 29, 2012

Piggy Bank Birthday Party

Since moving Maddox to his first "big boy" bed, we have had to face a new parenting challenge- attempting to get two rowdy boys sharing a bedroom to stop playing together and GO TO SLEEP! As much as I love that they actually enjoy playing together, by 9:00pm enough is enough. Mama needs some peace and quiet!!

It's funny how God gives us little reminders... Last night, after a very exhausting day with a certain (let's call him) "temperamental" four year old, I was in no mood to negotiate. The boys had been bouncing off the walls for an hour rather than sleeping, and I was on a warpath. Yet just as I place my hand on the door knob to their room, feeling my last bit of patience slip away, I hear this:

"Maddox, it's my piggies birthday! That's why he's wearing a hat! We have to sing the happy birthday song"
(The "piggy" he's referring to is his piggy bank, which happens to be wearing a birthday hat left over from his party a few weeks ago, and is completely taped together with painters tape after suffering a devastating "accident" a year ago)

"Happy birthday to you..."
He sings the whole song and as he nears the end I hear Maddox, enthusiastically screaming and clapping,

Jax- "Time to open your presents Piggy! You got a new bowling set!! Hooray! You've never seen that before!"
Maddox- "Yeah! Hooooray!!!! Bowling!!!"

At this point I realize (my hand still on the door knob) that all of my irritation has slipped away. I'm no longer angry that they're not sleeping, but instead grateful that they are playing lovingly together (like I have been begging for all day between pulling them off of each other kicking and screaming). I'm reminded that maybe a strict bedtime isn't as important as the bonding time that brothers have while playing pretend birthday party in the dark.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is so precious! You are going to be so happy you recorded that memory and will be able to share it with the boys when their grown and have kids of their own. :)