Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We are knee deep in chaos, as usual. The "new" house has provided us with a literal endless supply of projects, some fun, some not so fun. Right now we are in the midst of refinancing to get into a standard bank loan, and out of the private lender loan. In a few weeks when the financing has gone through, we will start the real work, which we are both anxious to begin. I cannot wait to see this house take form!

As if home remodeling isn't chaotic enough, Nolan and I also bought six chickens which now need a coop built for them. But seriously, how amazing is it going to be to have fresh eggs every day? And honestly, how cool are these chickens?

Meet Lulu, Co-Kee, Fatso, Penny, Floki, and Enzo:

 The kids adore them :)

Here is what they will look like as adults:







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