Monday, January 26, 2015

More House Updates

Just a quick before and after of the kids' bedrooms. The boys are still sharing for the time being, until we have a chance to remodel the downstairs half of the house (which will give us an additional two bedrooms).

Lola's Room BEFORE
Notice the lovely slightly darker pink stamped pattern on the walls...

Who doesn't love a little Baker Pink?
Not pictured: freaky aluminum and plexi glass door to outside world that just screamed "come on in kidnappers, take my baby daughter!" Yeah. Big thanks to Nolan's dad who did a seamless job of walling that in! It was positioned right where Lola's crib now sits.


Jax & Maddox's Room BEFORE
High gloss black trim? Don't mind if I do... paint over it, that is!

I lost count somewhere around five coats of white trim paint used to cover all of that black and green...


As people keep saying when they come in the door- "...this place is really starting to look like a home!"

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