Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Let me start by saying this- I can and have handled a lot of things. I am good with stress and great with deadlines. This move however, is getting to me. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the house we are moving out of looks like this:

And the one we are moving into looks a bit like this:

That's our bedroom by the way...

Move day is now three days away. THREE. When we left the bay area to move here I was heading up a remodel of a middle school office building. The final day of the remodel was also the same day we left for Redding. I literally spent three days simultaneously packing my own house, tending to a new born, and running a remodel. I had to put a fair amount of trust in Nolan and our family and friends to get everything loaded in the truck, because I literally hugged my co-workers goodbye at the end of the night, loaded up the kids, and followed Nolan in the moving truck for the four hour drive to Redding. Looking back- that was nothing. You know what is seemingly impossible (not a word I throw around lightly)? Getting a dumpy dirty hippy house livable while raising three little people under the age of 7, and packing our current home. Our days look something like this:
7:30am- wake up, shove coffee down throat. Nolan leaves for work, I begin packing while caring for little people. Did I mention one had what we were pretty sure was pink eye? Insert trip to pediatrician here.

10:00am- Run around and fetch building supplies and or packing supplies. Also drive through coffee joint.

12:00pm- Remember to feed children

1:00pm- Put Lola down for a nap, find some sort of occupation for the other two, brew more coffee, continue to pack. This continues until Nolan get's home from work and I realize I haven't thought of anything for dinner. It then occurs to me that although I have thought to feed the children, I have been on a diet of strictly coffee. I am suddenly very hungry and annoyed that I haven't thought out dinner better.

6:00- Head to the new house to paint/repair/replace any of the endless things that need painting/repairing/replacing.

12:00am (midnight)- Head back home, have a quick snack, and fall into bed. Dream of painting and prying out stripped screws from the built in closet door hardware (not even kidding, that's what I dream about now).

7:30am- Wake up to Jax insisting I open a LEGO package and asking why I "sleep so much." I beg to differ son, I don't sleep nearly enough. Mommy just turned 31, don't you know she's old now and needs more rest?

I am tired, and cranky. I should be packing more right now, but quite honestly I can't stand to look at another box at this moment. Happy new year everyone!

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  1. This typical day is bananas. And if 31 is old, sister, what does that make me??? ;)