Monday, November 10, 2014

Welcoming Hannah Rae

I'm just going to go ahead and state the obvious here-
Life with three kids is exhausting. And hectic. And EXHAUSTING. Did I mention exhausting? I'm sure there have been at least two major holidays since the last time I posted anything, and at the very least I need to post pictures of the kiddos in their epic Halloween costumes. I'm getting there... promise! But in the time being I want to take a second to honor my very best friend and her little girl (due in January). 

Annie and I met the very first day of kindergarten on the school bus. As she recalls it, I sat down next to her on the bus, gave her my full name, and asked if she wanted to be my best friend. The rest as they say, is history. The type of friendship we have is one most people never have the honor of knowing, and I feel incredibly blessed to have known it for 25 years. This month I felt especially honored to throw my best friend a baby shower to welcome her first little one- Hannah (my middle name, and also a reference to Hannah, from the book of Samuel). Annie flew in from Texas and spent eight days as our guest. Living in different states has proved challenging, but we have made it our goal to alternate visiting each other a minimum of once per year. She was there when Lola was born, with any luck I will be there when Hannah arrives or shortly after.

I laughed more in the last eight days then I think I have all year. Anyone listening in on a conversation between Annie and I would have to assume we are crazy. 25 years of friendship has provided a lot of strange inside jokes, and often times our conversations consist of multiple jokes strung together to make a completely illogical sentence, usually ending is the both of us laughing until we can't breath. One of the highlights of this visit was getting to listen to cassette tapes we made of ourselves using my sister's karaoke machine to host our own radio shows. Not only did we DJ, we also sang. The very first tape we made is from 1994, we were ten. Annie's dad also sent along a copy of our eight grade drama performance, were Annie and I were two of the leads. Such a throw back! On Sunday I saw Annie off to the airport and we all returned to our normal lives. Even though we talk everyday, there is nothing like being able to sit down with your best friend and have a cup of coffee. I miss her already :(

This is an attempt my mom made at taking a posed photo of the two of us. We couldn't control our laughing long enough to get a decent shot, but I have to say I adore this photo. This is us in our natural state.

While I was setting up decorations, I banished Annie to the back room where I had booked two of my other favorite people to come pamper her. My very good friend Michelle (who is also a MAC Pro artist) did her makeup, and my friend Joanna (who is an incredible hair stylist) styled her hair. By the time they were finished decorations were up and I was able to surprise Annie with the full look of the party.

Vintage lace and vintage Pyrex- what could be better?

Lace umbrellas and beautiful bead raindrops.

Pinwheels by Jealous June, cake by me :)

Favors were home made pink lemonade sugar scrub in little mason jars, game prizes were OPI "It's a Girl" nail polish. We played classics such as "guess how much candy is in the baby bottle" and guessed the flavor of baby food based on taste alone.

In a recent turn of events I have been diagnosed with Celiac's disease, which gave me the added challenge of creating a beautiful and mostly gluten free shower, without any one knowing the difference (and no one did!). The menu was as follows-

Gluten free vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and strawberries between each layer. I made many practice attempts in the weeks leading up to the shower to be sure I had perfected the perfect gluten free cake, that didn't taste remotely gluten free. I think the end product was pretty amazing, people were raving about how delicious it was, and not one of them knew it was gluten free.

Tortellini Salad with Asparagus and Fresh Basil Vinaigrette For this we substituted for the tortellini for gluten free three cheese ravioli, it was just as delicious and no one was the wiser!

Fruit Salsa with cinnamon and sugar pita chips (the chips unfortunately were not gluten free, but the dip was!)

Gourmet Bagel Sandwiches (deli bagels sliced in half, cream cheese, roast beef, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Super simple and delicious! I bought a package of gluten free bagels and made myself a separate one)

Personal size Kettle Corn bags

Ice Tea
We can't wait to meet little miss Hannah!

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  1. First of all, that is CRAZY about the Celiacs disease. Wth??? Lame!

    Second of all, the shower was GORGEOUS. Great job!!!