Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday to our little M-Dog!

For whatever reason, it feels like Maddox never ages. Like his birthdays don't come as often as the other two kids'. Obviously that's ridiculous. Seriously though, the kids seems like he's been three for three years! I remember feeling the same way when he was two. And yet here we are, at his fourth birthday. On the one hand I can't believe it was four whole years ago that he came into our lives, yet on the other hand (in part I'm sure to his maturity level)... he's only four?

I say this about every kid, at every birthday, but I'll say it again- It is impossible to celebrate Maddox's birthday without thinking about his birth, and the trials that surrounded it. The nerves... the danger... the unknown. He was my first treated NAIT pregnancy. We battled my body together, and he not only survived, he kicked my immune system's tail! This little boy gave me hope. Hope that I could do it again (without that I never would have dreamed of Lola). Hope that NAIT could be beaten. Here we are four years later and there is a legitimate NAIT vaccine headed to clinical trials later this year. It has taken the hope, the determination, the persistence, and the downright obnoxious inability for those of us affected to stop talking about it, to get the attention of the medical community. And yet here we are... in less time than any of us had imagined, about to obliterate NAIT for our children. OUR CHILDREN won't have to deal with this. OUR CHILDREN will never have to cry over something so horrific. And that makes it worth every second.

When I found out I was carrying a second boy I couldn't picture him any differently from Jax. Jax was all I knew at the time. Now as I look at my two boys I see complete opposites. Jax is all fire and destruction, Maddox is our little lover. Jax races everywhere he possibly can (I'm fairly certain he has forgotten how to walk anywhere), Maddox prefers to stroll slowly. Jax is blonde haired and blue eyed, Maddox is dark haired and has the deepest chocolate brown eyes I have ever seen. I love them both completely, with my entire heart... I'm a lucky, lucky mom.

To Maddox- I am so proud of the little man you are becoming. You are gentle, and sweet, and adoring. You're sense of humor and intellect seriously dumbfounds me. Honestly, for a four year old you are wise for your years. I love you more than Bumblebee little man. Happy 4th birthday!

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  1. He is just sooo handsome. He is going to be quite the heart breaker one day. And really? FOUR???