Sunday, November 17, 2013


Jax has become obsessed with Star Wars recently, which I have to say is pretty cute. A few nights ago my mom and dad were watching one of the movies with him, and quizing him on who the characters were. The conversation went something like this-

Papa- "Who's that guy? Is that Hans Solo?"
Jax- "Mmmhmm, yup."
Papa- "And who's that furry guy next to him (meaning Chewbaca of course)?"
Jax- (without hesitation or question) "That's Jimmy."
Nana- "Wait, what did you say? What's his name?"
Jax- (without even taking his eyes off the screen) "Jimmy. Sometimes they call him furrrr ball!"

That kid seriously cracks me up. And now every time I watch Star Wars I will think of Jimmy the Wookie.

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