Thursday, August 15, 2013

(Last) Weekend in Pictures

A friend of mine has inspired me to write "Weekend in Pictures" posts. So, until I think of a different name, I will be blatantly ripping off Twelve13 (Sorry Tegan!).
I realize today is Thursday. What can I say, I'm behind... a lot.

Here is our (last) weekend in pictures-

Found this amazing (yes I did just call this amazing) Kent Coffey piece in the parking lot of Salvation Army for $8. 

Which led to a lot of this.

Can you believe it's supposed to look like this?

Painted the Jenny Lind high chair I've had burried in the garage. This will be Lola's whenever she decides sitting up on her own is worth while. 

School clothes shopping (yikes!!)

Throwing rocks in the river.

Getting dirty. REALLY dirty.

Taking baths.

Sharing toys.

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  1. YAY! More of this!!! I would have totally been the one to paint that gorgeous piece. That's why people like me need people like you. :)