Wednesday, March 31, 2010

30 Weeks (almost)!!

I've had a couple of people ask me for updates, so I thought I would try to write a quick one while Jax is napping 8-)

I will be 30 weeks pregnant this weekend (hooray!), and hitting the home stretch so to speak. NAIT is sort of backwards from "normal" pregnancy complications in that the further along you get, the greater the risk to the baby. There is less room for him, and for whatever reason during the last trimester my body really steps up it's attack on the baby. SO, on the one hand I am relieved that I am getting to the end, and every day closer that I can still feel him moving is a relief. But on the other hand it's hard to fight off that fear of losing him so close to the end. There's a lot of anxiety that I am trying pretty hard to distract myself from at this point. School is helping me stay occupied, and I am spending my spring break redecorating the boy's room (I'll post pictures soon). 

Our schedules are CRAZY these days. I feel like I spend too much time away from Jax and Nolan, and not nearly enough time enjoying the last months of being a family of three. I knew this would be a crazy pregnancy, but I never imagined it could be this, well, busy. We joke that I need my own suite at the hospital at this point! The worst part is that hospital policy does not allow me to take Jax to most of my appointments, so he ends up being left with a sitter, friend, or Nolan has to take time off work. Every appointment is a scramble to find someone reliable that can watch him for a few hours.
Here's a little about my treatment at this point:

Sundays- IVIG (takes about 6 hours on average)
Tuesdays/Thursdays- OB appointment with my MFM
Thursdays- Non-stress test to watch the babies stress level (not mine!)
Once a month- Ultrasound to check for hemorrhaging in the babies brain or elsewhere

I take 9 pills a day, 15 on Sundays when I have IVIG. The latest addition to my cocktail is Prednisone, a steroid that will help protect the baby from me. Unfortunately a common side effect of Prednisone is the onset of gestational diabetes, so my doctor has me checking my glucose levels (with a meter) four times a day to watch for signs that my body isn't handling sugars and carbs the way it should. I feel like an old lady! But on the bright side so far my levels have stayed pretty normal, so there hasn't been any need to tweak my diet or add insulin.

Anyway, that's the boring medical stuff. On to the fun stuff! 
My belly is getting big, and Maddox is bouncing around and boxing with my bladder all day long 8-) I keep asking the doctors to guess about a size, but they won't even humor me! They're all so serious all the time! The doctor that delivered Jax guessed pretty early on, and she was right on the nose. I can't wait to see if this little monster is as big as Jax was!

In a couple more weeks we will get to pick the date for our c-section, and then it will really just be down to the waiting. We finally settled on a middle name, so there's really not much left to do. Can't wait to go home for a few days and enjoy my baby shower with my sister who's not too far behind me with her second boy as well! It will be so nice to see my family and friends before all the chaos breaks loose and we welcome Maddox Ian into the world 8-)

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