Friday, January 22, 2010

Introducing baby Maddox!

Just thought I would type a quick update while I am lucky enough to have a quiet house (I do LOVE nap time!)...
We had our 20 week "anatomy scan" yesterday revealing the sex of the baby (as if we didn't already know). Nothing has fallen off, and he is still most definitely a boy. And better yet, he is perfect! No bleeds, no abnormalities, just a perfect, active, healthy little boy. We couldn't ask for anything better! Treatments are going well (although my arms are starting to look a bit like a drug addicts), and so far seem to be doing their job. I haven't had anymore side effects since the very first dose, so my doctors have agreed to put my infusions back on weekends, which makes our lives MUCH simpler. So for the time being things are going as smoothly and perfectly as they possibly can, and we couldn't be more thankful. I'm officially half way there, and am scheduled to give birth somewhere in the middle of finals... lol. This will be one hell of a semester!

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