Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a boy! (You're shocked, aren't you?)

Yesterday I went to yet another ultrasound (this baby is going to come out striking a model pose, I swear)... this time for what is called the Nuchal Screening. They measure the pocket of fluid at the base of the babies neck (among other things) which helps tell them the likelihood of the occurrence of Downsydrome and Trisomy 18. Everything looks great! Brain looks normal (BIG sigh of relief), and our risks of the baby having any of the syndromes they tested for was something like 1 in a bazillion. I asked if they were able to tell the sex yet (I'm only 13+ weeks, so it's still a bit early, but the parts are there, just hard to see) so they poked around and said "I'm almost positive that's a boy!" 

Really, at this point why do we even bother with ultrasounds in our family? What is this, boy number 20 in a row, in the last 17 years? Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think it's something close to that. It's just laughable now... we were holding out hope for a girl (not sure why we even bother), but of course we are thrilled for another boy. They're so much fun!!! I'm already feeling severely outnumbered, but that's okay, there are worse things 8-)

I suppose there is always a chance they could be wrong, we'll find out at the next ultrasound (around 20 weeks I think...), but I highly doubt it!

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