Monday, October 19, 2009

Grin and bare it...

For those of you waiting in anticipation, I am indeed pregnant with #2! Jax is going to be a big brother, God willing, towards the end of May. And so this starts what I hope will be a long line of journal entries to document what will more than likely be a very difficult and trying pregnancy. I have thought a lot about how much to make public regarding what is to come, especially considering the risks, and have come to the conclusion that it is more important to educate people than to pretend everything is normal and perfect. Those of you that know me well enough know that I will tell anyone that will listen about how NAIT has effected my life and the life of my family. Some day, hopefully not far from today, NAIT will be as well known as RH disease, and like RH will be tested for prenatally.

I'm going to try to dig up my old blogs from after Jax was born, which have more information about the logistics of NAIT... I'll post those when I get a chance.

Please if anyone has any questions feel free to ask! I'm happy to talk about it!

Jax Ellis- 9lbs 5oz, 2 days old. Biggest baby in the NICU!

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